Renewable Energy Consultant Career Path: Is It a Good Career?

A renewable energy consultant career path can be fulfilling and environmentally rewarding. It’s a new, upcoming field, but is it right for you? Rajesh Jain , Renewable Energy Consultant with 18+ years experience helps you find out.

1. Renewable Energy Consultant Career Path

A renewable energy consultant career is personally rewarding. You contribute to the production of new, clean, energy sources that reduce emissions and climate change. It is one of the leading and upcoming fields since everyone has been becoming environmentally conscious. The demand for renewable energy is only going to grow over time. Moreover, everyone now wants to do right by their home.

how to become renewable-energy-consultant career path

I am a renewable energy consultant entrepreneur. Firstly, my job includes the manufacturing of renewable energy systems. This includes solar water heaters, solar rooftops, solar street lights, solar power plants, and solar pump sets. It also includes the trading of components that are related to the renewable energy system.

Is a renewable energy consultant career the right choice for you? Find out everything you need to know about this before taking it up as a career option.

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1.1 Industry/Sector
1.2 Social Image
1.3 Reasons to Become a Renewable Energy Consultant
2.1 Personality Traits Required
2.2 Physical Demands
2.3 Psychological Demands
3.1 Extra-Curricular Activities Recommended
3.2 Related Hobbies to Take Up
3.3 Related Movies/ TV Shows
3.4 Related Fiction to Read/ Novels
4.1 Part-Time Options
4.2 Traveling Required
4.3 Average Workday/What to Expect
5.1 Retirement Prospects
5.2 Threats from Automation
5.3 Common Reasons for People to Quit

1.1 What Does a Renewable Energy Consultant Do?

A renewable energy consultant has to be technically upgraded with time. In addition, they have to source quality raw materials with good technical specs that can be converted into a good renewable energy product. We work with clients to investigate, understand and oversee the installation of renewable energy systems.


They are expected to be an expert in mechanical as well as electrical engineering. Also, they need to have a know-how of real-time on-site installation expertise, and handling the installation team. They need to be liaising with various government departments such as MNRE, BIS, Regional electricity board, and customs. Our goal is to increase efficiency and reduce cost while reducing environmental impact.

1.2 Industry/Sector

Power plants sector, hospitality industry, and domestic end-users.

Renewable energy consultants and integrators work with various sectors, mainly the power plant sector. They work on projects in various sectors such as the hospitality industry and also with the domestic end-users personally.

1.3 Social Image

Highly respected.

how-to-become-a-renewable-energy-consultantPublic awareness of renewable energy is comparatively low. But, in recent times there has been a huge thrust by the government to promote renewable energy. This industry is highly respected and sought after by people who have futuristic thinking. It has a growing demand since everyone has become more socially responsible. Above all, they are now aware of the benefits of renewable energy.

1.4 Reasons to Become a Renewable Energy Consultant

  • Huge demand for renewable energy in the recent times
  • Encouragement by the government for the usage of renewable energy
  • It is rewarding since you are doing good for the environment
  • Opportunity to work with great minds and people from different sectors
  • Good salary

In recent times only has this industry seen a boom. This industry will only continue to grow with time because of its demand. Because of its positive effects, there has been a huge encouragement by the government for the usage of renewable energy. This is to reduce carbon footprints.


Above all, this industry is a very rewarding space and you get to meet people from different walks of life. From small vendors to high-end companies in the private sector, you work and get to meet a variety of people. People with a great mindset that are environmentally conscious.

2. What it Takes to be a Renewable Energy Consultant

2.1 Key Personality Traits Required/ Preferred

  • Strong mental strength and physical agility
  • Good communication skills
  • Networking skills
  • Technically sound

In the renewable energy consultant career, you need to be mentally strong to take up various projects at once. You would also have to deal with short deadlines. You’ll also require to be physically agile. Since, this career involves a lot of travelling to different cities and maybe countries.

Good communication skills are a requirement, since, in this profession, you will have to interact with a lot of people. The customs department, manufacturers, raw material suppliers from various cities and parts of the world, installation team, and of course, the end consumers.

This also makes it important for you to have good networking and negotiation skills. Since you would have to procure raw materials at the cheapest rate. Being hard-working and a strong-minded person with good leadership skills are traits that you should have.

2.2 Physical Demands

Excessive travel and long hours

This job does require quite a bit of physical demand. There are long-standing hours since you could be there for on-site installation with your teams for hours together.


A renewable energy consultant career also demands excessive travel to different places to procure your raw materials or meet clients. It would also entail you to work and travel in any climatic condition with no exceptions.

2.3 Psychological Demands

Tight deadlines and long hours

Projects in this industry are done on a war-footing basis. Hence, there is a tight deadline for the delivery of components and even the installation of systems. Since there are long hours, there is also a lesser time for socialization beyond work.

3. How to Build Interest in a Renewable Energy Consultant Career

3.1 Extra-Curricular Activities Recommended

Sports, public speaking, physical activities like trekking

Since this profession entails physical work like travelling and long-standing hours on-site, sports would be a good idea. In other words, taking up any sports in school would build up your stamina and physical strength. Working out in the gym, running, and trekking would also be good ideas to build up stamina.

A renewable energy consultant career path entails communicating with people from all walks of life. Hence, having good communications skills is key. To build the same, you could take up public speaking, participate in inter-school activities and competitions like debates.


3.2 Related Hobbies to Take Up

Environment-friendly activities, chess

It is a good idea to engage in environment-friendly activities. This would help spark an interest in renewable energy, for example, crafts with recyclables. They could also be small activities that help reduce carbon footprints.

Playing games that improve mental strength is also important since you have to be mentally sound in this profession. Playing chess or memory games would be a great idea.

3.3 Related Movies/ TV Shows

  • Catching the Sun – Documentary/Drama
  • Tomorrow – Documentary

3.4 Related Books to Read

  • Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air by David J. C. MacKay
  • Solar by Ian McEwan

4. Life as a Renewable Energy Consultant

4.1 Part-time Options


Yes, this job does offer part-time remote opportunities. You could take up a part-time job working as a designer of systems. You could also handle only the customs for a company remotely.

4.2 Travelling Required


Renewable energy consultants have to travel often to meet clients. This can be within the city or to various cities, as per client locations. For instance, if the clients’ offices are located within your own city, you could be traveling to and fro more often. You would need to travel to different cities or perhaps even different countries for the procurement of raw materials or components.

4.3 Average Workday/ What to Expect as a Renewable Energy Consultant

My day usually starts off with a healthy breakfast. I then leave for my office at 9 am when we usually open.

In the office, I start by following up on existing projects going on to streamline the supply chain. We then follow up on new inquiries and demands by our clients and interact with vendors for the same.

I currently have around 30-40 clients who are mostly manufactures of renewable energy systems who need raw materials/ components. I also have 3 domestic consumer projects that require the installation of solar water heaters at their homes.


2-3 days a week, I am usually travelling to meet clients and vendors. These vendors and clients are located in different cities. For example, in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andra Pradesh.

5. Future of Your Career as a Renewable Energy Consultant

5.1 Retirement Prospects

Retirement age – The usual retirement age in this field would be 60-65 years.

After retirement, you could become a guest lecturer for renewable energy in universities. You could also appear as a speaker at various renewable energy conferences around the world.

5.2 Threats from Automation


There are no threats from automation. AI cannot replace the job of a renewable energy consultant. In fact, this field is AI-friendly and is co-dependent on technology.

5.3 Common Reasons for People to Quit Renewable Energy Consultancy

Excessive travel, long working hours

As a Renewable Energy Consultant, the travel is excessive and work hours are long. As a young professional, travelling is great and is loved by many. But as time passes and you come of age, excessive travel becomes difficult. It gets draining and tiring.


As rewarding and socially responsible as this career is, the work hours are long and pressure is high. Projects and deliveries are done on a war-footing basis. In other words, a lot of people can’t take the pressure and mental stress.

In conclusion, these are the 2 main reasons why people quit the profession of a renewable energy consultant. A career as a renewable energy consultant and integrator has numerous pros but it also comes with its baggage. Knowing if this career is the right fit for you is important.


Curated & Edited by Shreya Jain (CareerNuts Staff)

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