Success Tips for School Students | Your Guide to Accomplishing Life Goals

From studies to extracurricular activities to enjoying leisure time, here are a few success tips for school students to excel!

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School life is the best life. Although we urge to grow up and be independent while in school, this period is something that you’ll most cherish in the future. You have various opportunities to look forward to. From academics to arts to sports, there are so many options to grow and challenge ourselves. Along with all these options, school students look forward to a successful life in the future. 

Dreaming of having a well-established career with financial independence is something most students dream of. Personally, when I was in school, I had a very chilled attitude towards life but deep inside, even I dreamed of a good life ahead. After facing real life, today, I’m here to share a few success tips for school students. 

Each one of us wants to be successful in life, whether you’re a student or an adult. But when you’re a student, it’s more about achieving your goals by maintaining a good academic record. So, let’s see what success exactly means in school life.

Success in School Life

What does the term success mean in today’s world? Is it materialistic comfort or achieving certain financial stability or does it have anything to do with money at all?

First of all, success is more like a journey and there is no destination. Once you achieve your goals, you feel satisfied but you aim higher as a next step. Success in school life means preparing yourself for the real world in the future. And the success is measured with your scores, achievements, etc. But ultimately, your real-time knowledge is what matters over the numbers. 

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It is also important to measure success because it shows the amount of time and energy you have spent. So, primarily it is more about learning the concepts right. If you’re thorough with the learning process, getting good grades will be a cakewalk.

Success also extends beyond getting good grades, and even beyond understanding your lessons well. Physical and emotional well-being and social life are all parts of it. We have listed a few success tips for school students. Let’s check them out!

Habits to Build for a Successful Student Life

While we discuss success tips for school students, we can’t miss out on the habits that you can follow. Including certain habits in your daily schedule helps you in having a productive day. These habits will also help you in a long run to be the best version of yourself. 

1. Organizing is the key


Staying organized is one of the most foundational habits and routines you can build. Allot a day for each subject in a week. You can even choose two subjects a day. Note down three topics for each day and work on them. This helps you to break the task into smaller ones and won’t take much of your time either! The best way to be organized is to list your week’s schedule on a sheet of paper and pin it up on your bulletin board, so you can be reminded of it throughout the week. Or you can use an app like School Planner.

2. Set a schedule

A schedule helps to train your mind to be consistent. Set a schedule for your studies, extracurricular activities, family time, and self-care. Choose a time that is convenient for all the activities. You can take a day off from your studies, too, to refresh your mind.

3. Study with focus without distractions

Try to focus for an hour and study without any distractions. This makes a major difference. Concentrate on the current task and try to avoid scrolling through your phone or wandering your thoughts. If you find it too difficult to concentrate, try meditating for 10-15 minutes every morning, and read a book every night before bed for 10 minutes at least.

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4. Spend dedicated time each day

Spending time regularly for studies will make a huge difference. Consistency is the key. Even if you’re spending 30 minutes a day and are consistent, this will make a huge difference by the end of the month or towards your exams. It will also motivate you as you have made small progress already.


5. Seek help or form study groups

Seeking help is not a bad thing at all. Try to speak to your teachers in case of any doubts. Re-ask if you’re not sure or unable to understand a concept. Speak to your classmates with whom you feel comfortable and form study groups. You can divide certain topics with them and discuss them with each other.

6. Set a time for the things you love the most

Apart from studies, sports and other extracurricular activities at school, it’s also important to spend some time with the things that matter to you the most. You don’t need to get any outcome from every activity but they make your day beautiful. Whether it’s speaking to your family, reading a book, watching a movie, or just chilling doing nothing.

7. Keep your health in check

Health is very important especially when you’re young. Your health defines your real success because health is wealth. You can regain anything but health is something that is irreplaceable. So, indulge in physical activities, maintain a well-balanced diet, and be happy without stressing yourself.

Apart from your physical health, your mental health is also very important. Your mind controls your body. Take good care of yourself.

8. Manage your screen time

With tablets, internet browsing, TV, mobile phones, gadgets have literally taken over our lives. Also, with the advent of digital education in recent times, we’re exposed to screens at a very young age. It’s important to take care of your eyesight or else it may affect you in the future.

Try to take notes on a notepad during your lectures. If possible refer to books over the internet. Take regular breaks and look away from the screen. You can also install screen time tracking tools to see how much time you’re spending on your phone. This also helps you to track your time if you’re scrolling the phone for a long time.

Managing Personal & Study Life

Having a personal life is essential. Whether spending time with your family or making time for yourself, creating a balanced life is crucial. Studies can be overwhelming and may take most of your time and have almost no time for a personal life at all, especially when you’re in high school.


But that shouldn’t stop you from having a healthy study-life balance. Prioritising your time is essential. Have set hours to study and stick to the schedule. Try to indulge in physical activity every single day. This will refresh your mind, too, and you will be physically fit.

Speak to your family members regularly and let them know your time table. Also, try to have at least one meal of the day with them. If you’re staying away from your family, call them frequently. 

Try doing things you love the most. Pick out a hobby or meet a friend but don’t discuss studies. Try to relax at least once a week. You can also plan a short holiday every quarter. This will rejuvenate your mind and will help you to focus.

Success Tips for School Students | Quick Tips Achieve Academic Success

As we know academics play an important role in a student’s life, we have curated success tips for school students to excel. These tips will help you in other aspects of your life, too, when you enter university or when you start working!

1. Manage your study space


Having a nice environment to study is essential. Try to have a designated space to study, preferably a table/ desk with a comfortable chair. Keep the space tidy and minimal to avoid distractions. This helps to create a routine, and that is one of the first success tips for school students.

2. Create a system for yourself

Manage your time and allocate designated study hours. Do not do other activities while you’re studying like eating or watching a video. If you lose interest or distracted, take a break and get some fresh air or sip water. Try to stick to the system in the allocated time.

3. Create weekly goals

Goal setting is essential to have a clear mind. You can create three to five important goals for the week. This will help you to plan ahead. From these goals, you can create three important to-do lists each day. You can maintain a journal of the goal-setting to keep a track of your action.

4. Don’t multitask


We can do multiple things in a day but we can achieve only one task at a time. Doing everything leads to nothing. Concentrate on one task at a time and then move to the other.

5. Break big tasks into smaller ones


This helps to trick your mind into believing that even big tasks are easy. If you want to complete an entire lesson, divide the lesson into three parts and allot different times in the day. This doesn’t drain you out and you can complete the task easily. That’s why this is one of those success tips for school students that’ll help you throughout your higher education career.

6. Take breaks while you study

Taking breaks at regular intervals is very much essential to be productive. If you’re studying for 5 hours, take a 10-minute break every 45 minutes. You can get some fresh air or catch up on a podcast or listen to your favorite song.

Also, try to get up from your study space and stretch once in 30 minutes. This will help you to focus and be more productive.

7. Pay attention during class

Try to concentrate in class and note down important pointers. This will make your life easier while doing homework, projects, and even while studying for exams.

8. Don’t compare yourself with others

This is one of the most crucial success tips for school students, and even for adults. Each one of us is different. What may have worked for your friend may not work for you. So, follow your path and never compare your method with others.

9. Reward yourself

Always reward yourself even if it’s a small win. When we don’t meet our expectations, we stay sad for days but when it’s a win we just celebrate it momentarily. Instead, take pride in your wins and reward yourself generously! You can listen to your favorite song or get to work on your hobby when you complete your targets.

10. Find time for your hobbies and participate in extra-curricular activities

Our hobbies and interests keep us happy and mentally active. They help build many skills like analytical thinking, and make us confident. So try to spend some time on good hobbies everyday. Other than that, also participate in different types of extracurricular activities, like arts, sports, debates, etc. They will help you to get out of your comfort zone and develop crucial life skills.

All said and done, success is all about being fulfilled and feeling happy. So while you study and do all the other activities, don’t forget to have fun with friends and family, too!

So, these were a few tips for success for school students. Do you have more tips to share? Let us know in the comments below! 

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