Article Submission Guidelines

1. The Basics

  • Content has to be 100% unique, not AI generated and shouldn’t have been published elsewhere, either online or in print. This is the top among our guest post guidelines.
  • Please ensure we haven’t already covered the topic, by doing a simple search within
  • Self-promotional blog posts are immediately rejected, unless submitted as explicit sponsored articles. However, feel free to mention a line of personal preference or experience if it helps make your point.
  • Avoid the cliches and basic info people already know. Avoid abstract subjects and obvious tips.
  • Content should be relevant & timely researched. Last season’s trends, old news or freely available info is usually not selected, unless a brand new perspective is pitched.
  • Provide news or helpful how-to information our readers can learn from. Your article should meet our readers’ need and offer solutions.
  • Guest bloggers are encouraged to submit multiple guest post ideas, so we can choose what will most likely appeal to our audience.
  • Link to credible resources where necessary. Only refer to data that can be backed up. However, you can use your opinions to drive a point.
  • The author should be an expert on the subject. Your post should show your authoritativeness and know-how.
  • Focus on being grammatically and factually accurate.

2. The Process

There is no lengthy guest posting techniques here. Once you have a topic, just email us (see below) and get your topic approved, and then begin writing! If you’d like to send in the finished piece, make sure it meets our blog contributor guidelines above. Editors review each article, and authors will be notified if articles are approved.

The initial evaluation of guest posts usually takes two business days, the editing process may take up to a week. However, due to the quantity of guest article requests we receive, we’re not able to publish all posts, or reply to authors if their posts are not selected. We appreciate your patience. That’s why we advise you to pitch topics before writing the post by emailing us.

3. The Topics

A great idea would be to look at our menu to see the topics we already publish about. Some ideas are careers, counseling, job preparations, entrepreneurship, study, etc.

Our audience are school students and parents. We have a fairly intentional audience, so please make sure the content is not ethnically or regionally bound. The top countries our users belong to include India, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Philippines, Malayasia, South Africa, Pakistan, Italy, France, Germany, Nigeria, UAE, Singapore, Indonesia & Netherlands.

It’s of utmost importance to keep in mind the audience and ethics of our blog. Please understand more on how to write guest posts for an international audience by carefully reviewing our these article guidelines.

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