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career-nuts-website-blog-professions-choices-options-adviceEvery child has a dream, but without proper knowledge on how to pursue it, most students are forced to choose whatever is expected of them, when the time comes to make a decision. If only they had someone who could give them first-hand knowledge…

That’s the thought I first started Career Nuts with. What if there was a directory or database of all¬†careers? Like a Wikipedia, but for career options, which listed the requirements of each, how to and why (or why not) you should take up that career.

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CareerNuts is helping children and adults alike choose their careers. For creating an extensive career database and guide, we need opinions and expertise of professionals like you. If you’re a professional and would like to write about your career, please contact us here.

Universities and companies who’d like to collaborate, please contact us here.

Career Nuts: What career should you crack?

CareerNuts.com is platform to help students & parents to understand various fields and career options so that they can make an informed choice in their career selection. CareerNuts.com intends to provide career advice straight from career professionals so that students can have first-hand knowledge.

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