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Career Nuts | What We Do

Career Nuts is a database of hundreds of career options, you or your child can find out all there is to know before taking the plunge. Written by professionals in every field, Career Nuts hopes to give you the knowledge of how it would really like to be in a career, before you make the big decision. Read more…

Letter from the Editor

Choosing the right career can be daunting. Even frustrating. But most of us have a dream. But when we tell our parents, they begin to worry. How will their child achieve their dreams? How much will they earn, how’ll they find a job? How will the parents help? If only they knew someone in that profession…

That’s why I first started Career Nuts. What if there was a directory or database of all careers – real first hand information about each straight from professionals in the field? But how many careers are there really? Hundreds of them. Possibly thousands. How can I write about all the careers? The task seemed daunting. But not impossible! Read more…