Letter from the Editor: It All Began with a Vision | Career Nuts


A child has a dream. They want to become something. They can visualize themselves as a grown up, with some vague idea of what they want from their profession. But when they tell their parents, they begin to worry. How will their child achieve their dreams? Will they be respected? How much will they earn, how’ll they find a job? How will the parents help them when they don’t even know where to begin? If only they knew someone in that profession…

This is a scenario that every Indian is too familiar with – either as parents or as teens! It definitely happened with me when I was younger!

So, it’s with this thought that I first started Career Nuts. I thought, there are so many career options to choose from, but most people don’t know what’s the best for them. They go to career counsellors but even spending money doesn’t usually help.

career-nuts-website-blog-professions-choices-options-adviceWhat if there was a directory or database of all careers? Like a Wikipedia, but for career options, which listed the requirements of each, how to and why (or why not) you should take up that career.

But how many careers are there really? Hundreds of them. Possibly thousands. How can I write about all the careers? The task seemed daunting. But not impossible! And I thought that, between all my friends, relatives and family, I know so many people in so many different professions who can give first hand information. I talked to them, explained my vision and they were all so enthusiastic to help. Mostly because they believe a resource like this is just what Indian students need.

So if you’re a child, looking for the right career for yourself, know how much the grown ups in India (and even abroad – I had so many international friends help out on this) believe in your generation! It’s for you that people I know are spending hours to give out priceless information – everything they wish they knew before taking up their careers!

I know it can be overwhelming to choose your career. But if this website helps you even in a small way to achieve your dreams, just know that we’ll all feel so proud of you!

CareerNuts Editor & Founder

Shilpa Ahuja