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Surjeet Singh is an Analytics professional with 9+ years of experience. Currently working at Wipro, Noida as an Analyst Programmer, he has worked in coding and analysis using SAS, SQL, Python, R & Tableau for 7 years. Surjeet has been working on end to end delivery for clients, coaching & mentoring junior analysts and team management. His responsibilities include co-ordination with various stakeholders like Client Managers, Implementation Managers, Domain Managers and Lead Analysts, requirement analysis, client ownership, work delegation to the team, reviewing the SAS, SQL codes for their accuracy and efficiency and identifying and implementing areas of improvement. He has a B.Sc. in Biotechnology '05 from Amity Institute of Biotech, M.Sc. Biotechnology '07 from University of Delhi and a PGDM (Finance and Marketing) from NIILM CMS, Class of '10. In his free time, Surjeet enjoys reading non fiction. He can be contacted via email and LinkedIn.

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