How to Become a Sales Tax Officer in India: Qualifications, Salary, etc.

Have you ever wondered how you can become a sales tax officer? Here is an article that not only breaks down every step that you need to take but also includes courses, salary, and more to become a successful officer.

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1. Role of a Sales Tax Officer

A sales tax officer or GST officer studies data as well as uses his investigation sense to detect leakage of government revenue in terms of tax under GST (Goods and Services Tax). So knowledge of GST law is important in this field. Furthermore, knowledge of computers is compulsory. Not only does it help to detect areas where various tax evasions are present but also analyze data filed online.

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2.1 Courses Taken: Sales Tax Officer Subjects
2.2 Entrance Exams
2.3 Academic Qualifications/ Options
2.4 License Required
2.5 Internship/ Work Experience Required
2.6 Cost of Tuition and Training
2.7 Competition &  Scope in India for Sales Tax Officer
2.8 General Age to Start Professional Career for Sales Tax Officer
2.9 Governing Bodies
3.1 Specializations/ Sub-Professions
3.2 Companies & Institutions That Employ Sales Tax Officer
3.3 Growth Prospects
3.4 Entrepreneurship Opportunities
3.5 What is the Salary of Sales Tax Officer in India?
4.1 Top Universities in India
4.2 Top Universities in World
4.3 Famous Personalities
4.4 Useful Links

2. How to Become a Sales Tax Officer in India?

Here is a step by step guide on how to become a sales tax officer.

  • Complete your graduation in any discipline.
  • Prepare and appear for the SSC CGL entrance exam for the sales tax officer. Your age should be within 18-32 years. This can vary for general and other categories. Moreover, clearing the exam with a good score is important as there is a huge competition in this field.
  • Some students choose to appear for UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination, which is also a highly competitive field.
  • There are two rounds for selection which are two written exams and one interview round.
  • In certain cases, there are some physical requirements such as a specific height or physical test like walking and cycling speed. These are usually conducted after the candidate has cleared the exam.
  • Once you clear the exams, and interview round, you can get the job as a GST officer or sales tax officer and start your professional career.

2.1.1 Courses Taken at School

Maths, computers

sales-tax courses requirements subjects

There is no restriction as to which course a student needs to take up in school. So a student may take up science, commerce, or humanities depending on their own preference. However, a good knowledge of numbers is required, so you should choose maths. You also need to take up computers as that will be useful in the profession.

2.1.2 Courses Taken at College: Sales Tax Officer Course Requirements

No specific course

There is no restriction as to which course a student needs to take up. Basic graduation in any discipline is required. A student may come from either science, commerce, or humanities background and are still eligible to take up this field.

However, students have to prepare for SSC exams. Subjects like general intelligence and reasoning, general awareness, general aptitude as well as English comprehension are studied. You can find the detailed syllabus along with the subtopic on the following website.

SSC CGL- detailed syllabus

2.2 Entrance Exams



The government conducts an entrance examination for the job. A candidate has to appear for SSC CGL (Staff Selection Commission – Combined Graduate Level) examination to be recruited for various posts in ministries, departments, and organizations of the Government of India. A student must not be less than 18 years and cannot be more than 32 years of age to appear for this exam. However, the lower and upper limit of age varies for each post that they opt for. The student must have their 10th and 12th certificates with them to be considered.

2.3.1 Sales Tax Officer Qualifications/ Degree Required

Basic graduation in any discipline

become a Sales Tax Officer Basic graduation required for sales tax or gst officer

The student needs to be a graduate. There are no specific academic qualifications or degrees required to enter this profession. Hence, graduation in any field, along with clearing the entrance exam is necessary.

2.3.2 Post-Graduate Degree Requirements/ Options


A student is free to pursue post-graduation. However, it is not compulsory to do so.

2.4 License Required


No license is required to practice as a sales tax officer.

2.5 Internship/ Work Experience Required


No internship or work experience is required. So any student who has cleared the entrance exam can enter the field.

2.6 Cost of Tuition and Training: How Much Does it Cost to Become a Sales Tax Officer?

Depends on degree and college

There is no specific cost for tuition as it will depend on the degree you pursue and the college you go to. Some students choose to take extra classes (tutorials or tuitions) to prepare for the SSC CGL exam. However, these are not compulsory. Hence, a student can study from any tutorial and prepare for the competitive exam. Besides, some students consider preparing themselves without taking any tuitions.

2.7 Competition: How Hard is It to Become a Sales Tax Officer?

Very competitive

The field is highly competitive. A significant number of students prepare for competitive exams during or after their graduation. Each year approximately 15 lakh students appear for the SSC SGL examination. The passing percentage for SSC CGL March 2020 examinations was 95.30%, whereas, in 2019, it was only 77.10%.

2.8 General Age: How Many Years Does It Take to Become a Sales Tax Officer in India?

21-22 years

general age for becoming a gst sales tax officer

The general age to start a professional career as a sales tax officer is 21 -22 years, right after your college graduation.

2.9 Governing Bodies

Ministry of Finance, Government of India (either state or central) is the governing body for our department.

3. Professional Opportunities/ Career Growth for Sales Tax Officer

3.1 Specializations/ Sub-Professions

No sub-profession

Officers in this field gain promotion in terms of seniority. Hence, there are no sub-professions in this field.

3.2 Companies & Institutions that Employ Sales Tax Officer

Since we are government servants, the government employs officers in this profession. Therefore, there are no private companies or firms.

3.3 Growth Prospects

Growth depends on seniority. Thus with experience, officers get promoted to a higher post.

3.4 Entrepreneurship Opportunities


No, there are no entrepreneurship opportunities in this field.

courses taken in college to become a sales tax gst officer

3.5 What is the Salary of Sales Tax Officer in India?

Approximately 5 Lakhs

The starting salary for fresh graduates is around 5 lakhs p.a. Moreover, the salary increases with the promotion.

4. Further Resources

4.1 Top Universities in India

No specific college or institution

A student can graduate from any college in India. Therefore, there is no specific college that one needs to study. Hence, after graduation, the student can appear for the entrance exam.

4.2 Top Universities in World

Depends on the country

Sales tax officer depends on the country you study in

Since sales tax is a government job, the university you study in depends on the country. Hence to understand the sales tax of a country, one must get education there itself.

4.3 Famous Personalities

T.N. Seshan is an Indian civil servant who served with the Indian administrative service. Furthermore, he is a famous personality in this field whom students look up to for inspiration.

4.4 Useful Links or Resources

Here are a few useful links that students can look at:


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