Career in Humanities: Key to the World of Opportunities

Unaware of the world of massive career in humanities? Well, this article is for you! We’ve listed some top and most recent career options.

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Career in Humanities

When you dive into humanities it’s a whole new world. Various streams such as literature, geography, environmental sciences offer an array of options. A career in humanities offers a fulfilling lifestyle, giving you the freedom to chase your dreams. With so much to choose from, you can certainly end up discovering what you love !

Humanities have been one of the most under-estimated fields in the past. Often undermined by science, those who choose to make a career in humanities have been taken less seriously over the decades. However, the opportunities to build a career in humanities are increasing rapidly. Let us understand the most recent and some of the best-known options for career in humanities.

Literature and Languages

Be it movies or novels, we often fancy young protagonists studying literature. Even in real life, literature has a lot to offer, it can help you land some high-paying jobs such as the Editor-in-Chief or content manager. It also has entrepreneurship opportunities such as writing and publishing.

Content Manager

Salary Estimate: 25-35 thousand per month.

Content is universal to almost every field – schools, offices, agencies! Everyone is rigorously producing content to attract viewers and potential customers. Someone needs to manage all that goes on the portal. The job of a content manager is to approve what goes on the official website, schedule posts, keep a check on the content that is gaining maximum reach, and advise the content creators. Content managers usually start working as content writers and are later elevated to the position of manager.

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Salary Estimate: 10-25  thousand per month. 

All of us have written school essays or stories at some point in our lives. Ever thought of making it your permanent job? From writing stories to novels, blogs to non-fiction articles, writers have a vast array of work to choose from. Writers are in high demand in advertising firms, publishing houses, and media agencies. They can freelance or pick a full-time job. Writers need to be creative, should have a way of explaining the most difficult ideas in a simplified way. Writers can pick their niche such as fashion, tech, art, culture, etc.


Salary Estimate: 20-35 thousand per month. 

If you have an eye for detail, this job is for you! Though an arduous task, editing is another area where you earn good money. The content created by content writers, authors, or novelists goes through several rounds of edits before finally being published. Copywriters check the copies for any mistakes and make sure that they are plagiarism-free. With experience, they can become editors, who plan the department’s content and help execute the vision of the company, set by the Editor-in-Chief. Editors are sought for in print media and advertising firms.

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Salary Estimate: 23-45 thousand per month.

Have a knack for teaching? Being a lecturer is a fulfilling job as you get to impact the lives of many young minds and it comes with several holidays! A lecturer should be able to plan and implement engaging lessons, conduct workshops, seminars, etc. A lecturer should be dedicated, passionate and open to imbibing new ways of educating. After finishing Masters in the desired language, one can take the common entrance test organized by UGC called NET. On qualifying, one can start practising as an assistant professor and later get promoted to a professor or even become the Head of the Department.

Some of the other career options for literature and language graduates include translators, playwrights, authors or advertising copywriters.


Psychology is a stream that offers room for understanding human behaviour and mental patterns. They spend time analyzing and studying different behavioural changes, disorders and causes to help their clients.


Salary Estimate: 30-35 thousand per month. 

Psychologists are people who study the behavioural, emotional, cognitive patterns of individuals and put their knowledge to use in solving common behavioural or emotional disorders. They also conduct several biological tests to identify personality disorders and suggest a suitable treatment. There are different variants in this, one can opt to become a child psychologist or psychiatrist. The demand for psychiatrists is surging as people are taking mental health issues seriously. On completion of Masters in Psychology, one can enroll in Ph.D. and alongside earn a license and start practising as a psychologist.

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Salary Estimate: 12-16 thousand per month.

As the name suggests the job of a counsellor is to counsel people. For becoming a counsellor one should have prior knowledge of psychology to understand the behavioural patterns and offer a solution. A counsellor’s job has various dimensions to it such as a marriage counsellor, career counsellor, or child counsellor. A counsellor needs to possess amazing communication skills and should be able to build trust with their clients. Knowledge of a foreign language is a plus. As a counsellor one needs to maintain the databases of development, activities, and interactions with the clients.

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Life Coach

Salary Estimate: 30-80 thousand per month. 

At times, the world seems like a stressful place to live in that’s when a life coach comes to the rescue! A life coach helps one manage their day to day problems and overcome stressful situations, modify behavioral issues, offer relationship, and career advice. They may work with confused and unhappy people or those who lack decision-making skills. A life coach takes over, set goals, and helps one attain a better lifestyle. They should also possess research skills to provide skill assessments, courses, certificate programs beneficial for their clients.


Salary Estimate: 20-30 thousand per month 

A therapist’s job is to ensure the mental and emotional well-being of their clients. Unlike a life coach, a therapist does not set goals or help their clients with behavioral modifications. They work with patients and at times even with their families to ease out the dilemmas, paving their way towards better mental health or overcome sickness. There are different kinds of therapists such as child therapists, family therapists, or mental therapists. A therapist needs to be patient, calm, and understanding.


Looking for an enticing career in humanities? Go for design! Designers are creative thinkers and problem solvers. They are imaginative and always come up with fresh ideas taking inspiration from their surroundings.


Salary Estimate: 13-25 thousand per month. 

Being an animator is one of the coolest jobs. You are paid a hefty amount for creating video animations. Though the task needs attention to detail and often it takes days or even months to create one animation, but once it’s done it pays off well. Movies, computer games, cartoons, websites, and commercials need animators to create life-like visual images.

An animator should be able to create both 2D and 3D animations. They should be well versed with the most recent technology and various animation software as they need to keep growing in the fast-paced tech-savvy world.

Graphic Designer

Salary Estimate: 10-25 thousand per month. 

From apps to websites, pamphlets to billboards to book covers, you can spot the work of graphic designers everywhere. They design visual, artwork, fonts, and layouts. Graphics play an important role in building brand identity, thereby bestowing good enough responsibility on the designer.

The role of a graphic designer is to create enticing graphics that attract the reader’s attention and provide them with information in a subtle way. Graphic designers are hired by advertising firms, media companies, institutions, and other small businesses.

Interior Designer

Salary Estimate: 15-20 thousand per month. 

Who wouldn’t love to live in a lavish house tailored to their needs? That’s where an interior designer comes!  The designers work with contractors, local sellers, architects, plumbers, and engineers to provide their clients their dream home, office or any other space.

Well furnished rooms, proper décor, trending furniture, an interior designer chalks out the plan for how the entire place would look, from the upholstery to the paints, they have to take care of everything.


Fashion Designer

Salary Estimate: 15-25 thousand per month. 

Fashion designers make sure that we have enough options in our wardrobes. They work with new prints, fabric, fusions, and what not! Being a fashion designer is a hectic job as you should know about the fashion world, latest trends, etc. and at the same time, you have to be creative and different.

Established fashion designers create costumes or outfits for movies, red carpets, celebrity events, etc. The price of one costume can go anywhere up to 50 lakhs. Young designers start working with experienced designers or companies and may even start their separate labels after gaining experience.

Other than these, the field of design is full of other options. From textile designer to product designer, there is so much to choose from.


Media and Journalism

Media offers some of the most exciting opportunities for career in humanities. If bringing about a change is something that you’ve always wanted, then jump into the media industry.

Reporter or Journalist

Salary Estimate: 16-30 thousand per month. 

A reporter is responsible for collecting news stories from all over the world. A reporter needs to understand the news value of the stories and should possess strong research skills. They are on a relentless quest for good stories that have the potential to go viral. They have to be a part of editorial meetings and work for long hours under strict deadlines.

While a reporter’s lifestyle seems enticing and adventurous, it can at times be filled with threats, hatred, and enmity with the local politicians or businesses. They usually work for established print or digital media such as newspapers, magazines, etc. or can even start their own media agency after working in the industry for a while.

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News Anchor

Salary Estimate: 13 thousand per month. 

An anchor works closely with the news reporter and presents the information in an audio-visual setup. As a TV anchor, one should be aware of all the happenings, should be capable of gathering and processing information, and be prompt. They present pre-recorded or live news in different segments on daily basis. At times they have to do ground reporting or participate in promotional activities and campaigns hosted by the agency. They also have to host talk shows or interview eminent personalities or guests invited by the news channel.


Salary Estimate: 0-10 thousand per month. 

The constantly growing social media platform has empowered the voice of individuals, giving them a chance to spread their message and share their work with a large number of people. Bloggers are self-driven enthusiasts who talk about different topics that best suit their niche. They can freelance or work part-time along with their studies or do a full-time job. Bloggers usually talk about relatable stuff and offer solutions that help them maintain a reader base.


Public Relations Officer

Salary Estimate: 10-20 thousand per month. 

Being a public relations officer is a job of high repute as you represent businesses and bring them publicity. You will be directly responsible for the reputation and networking of the brand. As a PR officer, you have to look into every detail that goes into the public eye, from the press release to social media handles. They have to supervise and initiate marketing events and other campaigns, which adds to the growth of the brand.


Do you think a career in humanities isn’t broad enough? Other than being a history professor, history has so much more to offer! For instance, how about becoming an archivist or a numismatist?


Salary Estimate: 15-35 thousand per month.

Archivists are the ones who collect and store valuable historical data. As an archivist one should be able to evaluate the worth of the historical objects, gather information, and store them. NGOs, universities, libraries, etc. hire archivists. You can think of them as data managers who have to take care of lots and lots of data, sort, and stock them.


Salary Estimate: 10 thousand per month.

Are you fascinated by dinosaur videos or held guilty for binge-watching excavation videos? In that case, this job is right up your alley! Archaeologists are people travelling around the world, excavating historical sites, collecting more about the existing artefacts, and unearthing other objects of historical importance. Sounds interesting, huh?


Salary Estimate: 15 thousand per month.

Remember those people who assist you in the museums and tell you more about the antiques and the period they come from? Yes, you got it right! The job of a museologist is diverse as they have to take care of the museum and the visiting crowd. Professions like art historians or anthropologists are other similar options for those who like to study the past.

careers-in-humanities-options-professions-museologist Archaeologist


Salary Estimate: 13-25 thousand per month.

Have a thing for collecting coins? Congratulations! You’re an amateur numismatist. These are people who are more into studying coins and collecting them rather than spending them. A numismatist is responsible for collecting rare coins, studying them, and maintaining a diverse collection.

careers-in-humanities-options-professions-Numismatist coin-collector

Fine Arts

Fine arts professionals are the artists who create paintings, photography, pottery, or sculpture. After successful completion of a bachelors in fine arts, one can start working as an art director, professional photographer, artist, set designer or digital illustrator.



A career in humanities offers ample scope, and theatrics is one of them. A theatre artist is known for performing live on stage. Different career options in theatre include stunt man, actors, dialogue instructors, etc.

Those were some of the top ideas for a career in humanities that you can pursue. Other than these there are other fields like politics, social science, environmental science, administration, event planning, etc. that you can consider. Let us know which career in humanities you love by commenting below or tweeting @CareerNuts!

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