Creative Hobbies: Samanyu Talks about Pastimes, Studies & More

Hi! I am Samanyu Ahuja and I live in Chandigarh. I study in 7th grade and I am 12 years old. Here I would tell you about my creative hobbies that are making games, doodling, collecting old coins, and learning Russian.


My Hobbies

Coin Collection

I started collecting coins 4 years ago. I first got interested in this hobby when my father gave me an old coin. Now I research about coins and every month I get a new coin. This is a hobby where I don’t have to spend time regularly, but I research things like the value of coins, rare coins and coins of micro nations (like Republic of Molossia) when I get free time.

coins collection hobbies for kids collecting

I have divided my coin collection into two parts. In one part, I collect coins from different countries, and I have coins from more than 50 countries.

Other than that, I have a coin collection album, in which I collect rare and old coins (older than 1947). The album currently has 50+ coins, which include rare coins like 1902 Morgan dollar and British 1930 Trade dollar. I have coins from 1800s such as Louis Phillipe 5 francs 1834; and from 1400s like Delhi Sultanate 2 Gani.

old coins rare collection india rupee dollar

In the future, I would like to buy more silver crown sized coins. I try to find shops nearby or online that sell rare coins, and sometimes I try to find good coins through eBay.

coins-indian-money-rupee collect

My Creative Hobbies


I have been doodling since I was 8, I can’t remember how I first got interested in doodling. In my earliest doodles I wrote my name and drew things around it. And from there on, I developed an interest in making them more beautiful and colourful. I started planning my doodles before drawing them and also used themes like monsters and pizza.

pizza doodle hobby fun ideas

monster doodle hobby fun ideas cute pastimes

Making doodles is one of the best creative hobbies that artistic kids can take up. Now I also take tutorials from YouTubers like Vexx and Gawx Art, learning new techniques, designs and how to use alcohol markers.

doodle doodling coloful drawing hobby

Nowadays I draw doodles with Ohuhu markers (48 set) as Copics are too expensive and I use Copic multi-liner black pens. I usually draw 1 doodle a week. I have some doodles which I framed and put up in my room.

Making Games

I make a lot of card games using paper and sketch pens. Most of my games are themed around daily things like Disney movies, salad, Coke. I made my first game in 2018. I think making original games is one of the most creative hobbies. The idea of making games came to me while playing board games like Monopoly and Life, and I thought I should make my own games too. I make 1-2 games a month. My latest game was Eggs, which I made 1 month ago.

making games creative hobbies for kids samanyu

My favourite among these is Salad, which 2-4 players aged 8+ can play. It has 52 cards, each with a picture of a vegetable on it. It also has a set of rules, power cards and mystery cards. Whoever gets 7 vegetable cards wins. I would love to collaborate with game companies to make these games into commercial games in the future.

More about Me

In my free time I follow my favourite Minecraft youtubers that are DanTDM, Preston and Dream and also like to watch travel videos. I also like to watch Harry Potter movies. Also I am learning Russian these days which I started during the quarantine. I got fascinated in the post-USSR countries, and that’s why I started learning Russian.

learning foreign language russian hobby

My Studies

My favourite subjects are History, physics and maths. I am thinking to become an aerospace engineer in the future. My goals are to get a good result in 10th and 12th grade and I also want to study at MIT.

geography map studying education russia

My Study Tips & Hacks

I get 88%-95% in my studies. In Hindi my spelling mistakes were a lot, so I started written practice for exams, then my marks rose from 80% to 90%. For social science and science, I learn as and when the teacher is teaching. Usually I do my homework after 1 hour of coming home from school, then I play and get time for my hobbies. I study 1-2 hours after coming from school. Because of the Corona virus outbreak, I am facing a little bit problem as my studies are online. Studying at home reduces my concentration.

studies pastime work study children education

My Favourites

Other than my creative hobbies, let’s also discuss my favorite things!

My favourite colour and number: Yellow and 7

My favourite TV shows: Shin Chan and Scooby Doo

Favourite movies: Coco and Mr. India

My favourite songs: Shake it Off, Yummy (Justin Bieber), It’s been a Long Day (Wiz Khalifa)

What scares me: Spiders and Slender man (Please do not check in the internet)

3 bucket items: Trip to Dubai, professional cycle and interesting history books

Favourite fictional character: Shin Chan, Iron Man, Aladdin

Words that describe me: Fun, creative, intelligent

In my group of friends I am: The Artist.


Thank you for reading.

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