Donut Let It Fall: Catch Game

I created a catch game called ‘Donut Let It Fall’ where you have to catch falling donuts and it has 2 levels (got carried away a bit – took me 3 days to build this, working 4-7 hours a day).

How to play Donut Let It Fall

  • Click on start button to play.
  • Start with 3 lives.
  • Move the chef with right or left keys.
  • Catch the donuts in the tray to score (10 points for each donut).
  • The donuts get smaller every time.
  • If they fall, you lose a life.
  • Earn extra points when you catch stars in your tray, extra life with lightening bolt.
  • Lose points when you touch a regular bug.
  • Lose a life when you touch the danger bug (the second one)
  • Score 300 points to level up.
  • Score 600 points to win!

Graphics & inspiration

The basic idea of the Donut Let It Fall game is inspired by my childhood handheld game which had a chef catching meat. But we have donuts because I’m a vegetarian! The extras like bugs and stars, chef’s motion and the font, are inspired by 90s retro games like Mario and Contra. I designed all the graphics like chef, donuts in the cute themes like candy, clouds, inspired by Japanese kawaii. And ChatGPT helped me make the assets like chef and backgrounds, which I then edited in Photoshop. I found some fun sounds and sprites within Scratch to use, too.

If the donut let it fall game doesn’t load, you can play it by clicking on the image link below.

donut let it fall game

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