Top Personality Development Courses in India: Offline and Online

Personality development can be the key to better living and on the bright side, there are multiple courses you can choose from. Check out the top seven platforms to explore personality development courses in India.

Top Personality Development Courses in India Offline and Online

Every individual exhibits an array of characteristics such as frankness, extroversion, optimism, passion, etc. The set of characteristics that defines a person is known as personality. At its least, personality speaks for one’s individuality, but it can tell you a lot more about a person. For example, how would they react in a given situation, their likes, dislikes, and a whole bunch of other aspects.

Interestingly, our personality strikes a conversation with others, way before we introduce ourselves. Hence, it becomes necessary to have an intriguing personality. A good personality can fetch you your dream job, help you excel in school, pave your way to being a successful entrepreneur, or an eloquent orator. It works miracles in the long run.


But the question is how to develop your personality? Well, this starts early, right from the point you start crawling to mumbling your very first words. The tiny little aspects that you’re likely to overlook in your daily life, too, form a functional part of your personality. Your friends, parents, childhood, life experiences, social norms, economic conditions, and absolutely everything that has shaped you is a pivotal factor for who you are today and each one of them forms an integral part of your personality.


Everyone has a rather distinct personality but the ones having a better personality than others have an edge and that’s where personality development comes in. Developing a better personality is highly beneficial for people belonging to different walks of life, and of all ages. Be it a 36-year-old working professional, 5-year-old toddler, 16-years-old student, or a 60-year-old adult about to seek retirement. Personality development courses are for everyone.

There are a variety of personality development courses in India and the demand for these is increasing with each passing day. Companies are looking for employees with an attractive personality, students with a luminous personality are often in the good books of their teachers and adults exhibiting modest personalities are the heart of their social groups. To help you develop your personality, we have compiled the best personality development courses available across the nation.

Personality Development Courses in India

As of now, there are no personality development programs available at graduation or post-graduation level in India. But personality development is a part of the syllabus of popular courses like Bachelors of Business Administration(BBA), Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Mass Communication(BMC), Masters of Science (M Sc.), etc.


Instead, there are an array of institutes offering multiple personality development courses in India. The courses differ in terms of their duration, mode of conduction, and fee structure. You can pick online courses, physical courses, short-term courses, long-term courses, certificate courses, and even diploma courses, whichever suits you best.

If you are a working professional aiming at enhancing the existing personality skills you can go for a short-term online course that you can manage along with your job. As a student willing to have a deep understanding of your personality, you can pick a diploma or certificate course. That being said, let us check out the best personality development courses in India.

Top Online Personality Development Courses in India

1. Udemy


Udemy is an online platform that contains video lessons, and comprehensive exercises charted by experienced tutors. Let us see the top personality development courses that Udemy offers:

1.1 Complete Personal Development Personal Transformation Course

Duration: 28.5 hrs
Fee: 8,640 INR

The complete personal development course available in more than four languages helps in personal transformation through time management, enhancing personal productivity, getting creative, practising mindfulness, lifestyle design, determining life purpose, goal setting, and focus mastery.

1.2 Personal Development Life Coach Certification Training

Duration: 8 hrs
Fee: 8,640 INR

This is an accredited life coach certification and life coach directory for level 2 grads which comes with 8 hours of on-demand video, 1 article, 91 downloadable resources, lifetime access on mobile and TV, assignments, a certificate of completion.

1.3 The New You: Charismatic Personality Development

Duration: 1.5 hrs
Fee: 1,280 INR

The course guides you through 11 power principles that will help you develop a charismatic personality. It helps you face any challenges head-on, handle problematic situations, manage different kinds of people, achieve goals, mentor others, achieve happiness, joy, peace, and wealth in abundance, be stress-free, and live a holistic life.

1.4 60 Minutes to Total Transformation of Students

Duration: 1 hr
Fee: N/A

This free course is for school and college students and offers on-demand videos. It comprises powerful strategies to empower its students through motivation and personal growth.

1.5 How to Unlock Your True Potential

Duration: 43 mins
Fee: 1,280 INR

This course is for those who are motivated to change but after a few weeks go back to their old ways. It helps you explore your full potential and cross any mental barriers that exist.

2. Alison


Alison is an online platform where you can choose from diploma or certificate courses covering different aspects of personal development including communication skills, interpersonal skills, stress management and life skills. Most of the courses offered are free of cost and you receive a certificate on completion. You can take these courses as and when you want to. Some of the best courses offered by Alison are as follows:

2.1 Diploma in Interpersonal Skills

Duration: 10-15 hours
Fee: N/A

This is a mobile-friendly course offered by NTPEL. Having a 5-star rating, this online course guides you through various techniques for improving your interpersonal skills. It also shows you how to be more assertive, communicate effectively, overcome social anxiety, and boost productivity. You can also avail a certificate after finishing the course successfully.

2.2 Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Duration: 3-4 hours
Fee: N/A

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to combine your thoughts with your emotions. Our thoughts and emotions are a crucial part of our personality and having a harmonious relationship between the two, eventually leads to a happy and peaceful state. This course helps you build quality relations and understand your emotions.

2.3 REBT: The Science of Re-programming Your Mind

Duration: (Not specified)
Fee: NA

REBT stands for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, the course helps you channelize your detrimental or negative thoughts and use them to your benefit. It’s beneficial for regaining your control over your emotions to transform your life, through this you can deform limiting ideas and explore the science behind emotions.

3. Coursera


Similar to Udemy, Coursera is a widely known platform, offering elucidative courses. The courses offered by Coursera are slightly more descriptive when compared to Udemy, it comprises video lectures, assignments, essays, and even GD’s that you can go through at the desired speed. The best personality development courses offered by Coursera include:

3.1 The Science of Well-Being

Duration: 16 hrs
Fee: 2,127 INR

The course offered by Yale University engages you in a series of challenges designed to boost your productivity. It walks you through the science behind a better lifestyle, helps you gain a perspective, and evaluates life situations maturely.

3.2 Foundations of Positive Psychology

Duration: 3 Months
Fee: 5,796 INR

This course navigates you through various life lessons, including much-needed skills like gratitude, resilience, decision making, goal setting, and research methodology.

3.3 Learning How To Learn

Duration: 12 hrs
Fee: 2,127 INR

Learning How to Learn is a self-help course available in more than ten languages. It informs you about the human brain, which adopts different ways of learning to encapsulate information. Through the course, you adopt skills like meta-learning, Pomodoro techniques, and test-taking tips.



Duration: 20 hours

BAFEL stands for British Academy for the English Language. The beauty of its courses lies in its multifariousness, which makes it applicable for both students and professionals. The personality development course offered by BAFEL spans one hour per session conducted five days a week. The key focus areas include SWOT analysis, inner personality development, the role of motivation & body language, and filling the GAP where G stands for Grooming, A for Attitude, and P for Personality. The timings for this course are flexible as they have batches going from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can choose and enrol according to your feasibility.

Other than the above-mentioned platforms there are several other platforms offering quality online courses such as Skillshare, edX, etc. Here you can explore more personality development courses.

Top Offline Personality Development Courses in India

There are several institutes that offer offline personality development courses. They engage their students in real-time activities to boost their skills and help them develop their personality. Although you can find a bunch of personality development classes in your locality, a few popular schools offering offline personality development courses are:


1. Sanjeev Datta Personality School

Established in 1998, Sanjeev Datta Personality School have been providing personality development courses across Delhi and NCR.  More than 10,000 students have enrolled with the academy. Their courses help the students identify their self-worth and develop self-confidence, which are important pillars for personality development.

2. Pria Warrick Finishing Academy


Founded in 1989, by Pria Warrick, a psychologist, Pria Warrick  Academy has established itself as one of the best-known grooming institutes in Delhi. They have grooming courses for everyone, ladies, kids, teenagers, and business professionals. Ranging from 20 days to a year-long courses are offered by the academy. They educate on management skills, image enhancement, the art of dressing, handling peer pressure, and a variety of soft skills.

3. Teachmed Academy

Based in Bangalore, Karnataka, Teachmed Academy offers professional courses that emphasize the combination of core business subjects and soft skill courses that lead to the total personality development of the students.

Those are some of the top personality development courses in India. With a little willingness and the right direction, you can build an interesting personality that can do wonders for you! It will not only help you become a better version of yourself and excel in different spheres of your life, but you can also make it a full-time job.

On successful completion of the course, one can start working as a personality trainer or soft skills developer. With the right skill set, one might even bag a top post at management firms. Let us know which personality development course best suits your needs by tweeting @CareerNuts.

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