Best Careers for Your Zodiac Sign

If you aren’t sure about which job will suit your personality traits then read on to find out which are the best careers for your zodiac sign.


Whether you are a high school student or someone fresh out of college, have you ever wondered which job will be the best for you? It is indeed kind of challenging to choose a career path that you have to walk on for the rest of your life but worry not, because we are here to help you narrow down your list.

Zodiac signs have been around for more than a century. These are associated with our horoscope and making life predictions based on the movements of certain planets and stars. Since long ago, people have been looking up to these stars to make decisions. I also believe that these zodiac signs influence our personality in some way. So, let’s dive in to see which careers suit the twelve different zodiac signs:

Zodiac Signs Based on Elements

The zodiac signs have been divided into four different categories. There are four elements, namely earth, air, water and fire. Three of the signs have been placed in each category, which implies that the sign is ruled by that particular element. These elements of nature also have a say in the careers best suited for your zodiac sign.

Air: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra fall into this category. Air signs are said to be good communicators, diplomatic and witty. They are humorous and sociable. These signs are not scared to explore and experiment with new things. Just like air, people belonging to this category love freedom and find it difficult to be grounded.

Water: Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are the three water signs. Owing to the nature of their element, they easily adapt to any kind of situation and also it is very difficult to control or manipulate them. Water signs are emotionally intelligent, intuitive, protective and reserved.

Earth: Just like the earth, the three signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are said to be the most grounded people out of all the zodiac signs. They are stable and unwavering in their thoughts and opinions. They are very practical and loyal. You can always rely on them because they will never betray you.

Fire: Fire signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are confident, passionate, strong and intense. They are easily noticeable because they are so warm and idealistic. They are go-getters and they do not settle for anything less. Also, they are known to be the aggressive kind, so get ready to lose in any argument with them.

Best Careers for the 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries is the first zodiac sign out of twelve. It is ruled by the element fire. People who are Aries are stubborn and fearless. They are very determined to be successful which makes them independent and they do not lean on others for showing them the way. They can sometimes be bossy and come across as selfish, but they know how to get things done and can make others also see their potential.


They love taking charge, which makes them natural leaders. However, Aries can be unpredictable at times. But that’s how they make original decisions and stand out from the crowd.

Based on these characteristics, the best jobs for an Aries are entrepreneurship, business/sales management, financial analyst, police officer, fashion stylist, athlete and lawyer.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

The second zodiac sign in astrology, Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and is an earth sign. They are into everything artistic and luxurious. Taurus people are die-hard romantics, sensual and serene.  They know how to stay loyal in both personal and professional life. People belonging to this sign are said to be very patient and focused.


They pay attention to even the tiniest of details. One of their weak points might be that they like doing everything from the comfort of their home. They can be afraid to explore new environments and are unadventurous because they want to feel safe but that’s just basic human nature.

The best careers for your zodiac sign include being a fashion designer, architect, chef, model, politician, investor, artist, or banker.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini people are the most playful ones of all the signs. They are very curious and have excellent communication skills. They cannot commit to doing one thing at a time. They want to know a little bit of everything at once, which makes them very much like their element air because they hop on from one thing to another.


Geminis are very sociable and can pretty much adjust to any new environment. They are extroverted and are the life of the party. But they can be interpreted as nosy, indecisive and unreliable because of their extroversion. People may find it difficult to depend on a Gemini. Geminis are very honest and look for people who are fun to be around.

They can make good authors, linguists, journalists, actors, travel agents, public relations executives, teachers, project managers and talk show hosts.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The water sign Cancer is the most sensitive of all zodiac signs. This sign is ruled by water which makes Cancerians very flexible and impossible to manipulate. On the contrary, they are dominating and can manipulate anyone into doing something they want them to do. They have this idea of perfection where everyone is loyal to one another and expect it to be like this.


They can figure out quickly if you are speaking the truth or not and if you are worthy of their trust. They are supportive, nurturing and good listeners. They are sometimes very sensitive and moody, so be sure not to mess with their feelings. However, this intense characteristic of Cancer may prove to be a weakness since they might feel dejected most of the time and be cautious and secretive.

Cancerians will make good social workers, therapists, human resource specialists, psychics, programmers, professional organizers, real estate agents, teachers and CEOs.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

People who belong to this zodiac sign are very bold, confident, vibrant and charismatic and this is why they are called the star of the zodiac. This makes them natural leaders and they can go on to hold the top-level position in any organization. Also, they are very good advisors.


Leos have a big heart and they are very generous. They make sure that they give their best in everything they do. A Leo means a lion, likewise, they are clever and courageous. Since they have a high level of self-confidence, they might find it hard to deal with criticism and come across as arrogant. Also, they may hesitate to ask for help from others.

The best Leo career options are CEO, actor, comedian, director, business consultant, social media manager, professor, hairdresser and talent agent.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

The zodiac sign Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgos are known for their exquisite taste and standard. They notice even the tiniest of details, so if you are wearing a dupe of a high-end brand, it won’t take them long to find it out. Even though they make classy choices, you will never find a Virgo boasting about them.


It will not be wrong to call them perfectionists and also materialistic. They can be very picky and critical about certain things. But deep down, they are kind at heart and they love helping people. Virgos are hardworking and patient, they know what they want and they work for it till they accomplish it.

Virgos will be most suited for the following jobs: editor, counselor, doctor, nurse, critic, nutritionist, veterinarian, bookkeeper, accountant, and researcher.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

The zodiac sign Libra belongs to the air element. They make good diplomats. They believe in ensuring rightness and proper justice to all. A Libra knows how to balance all aspects of their life, which can also be seen by their symbol – scales. They are very much into fashion and love being eye candies. Libras like originality and are known for calling out people who copy them.


You can call them social butterflies and also gossip mongers. Who doesn’t love a little bit of gossip anyway? They often find it difficult to say “no” to others because they are people pleasers. Libras need to work on this aspect and also on their indecisive nature.

The careers for your zodiac sign are interior designer, event planner, judge, socialite, motivational speaker, graphic designer, model, cosmetician, bureaucrat, politician, and news anchor.

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Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpios are observed as professional people and are very dedicated to their work. This is why they always find success at their feet. They value time and effort. They are aware of their strengths and capabilities and settle for no less than what they deserve.


They love observing things and coming up with practical solutions to deal with them. They love learning something new every day so they should choose a career that requires them to put their knowledge to use. They despise doing monotonous tasks every day, but creativity is not much of their forte. Also, they are stubborn and resistant to change but that doesn’t stop them from exploring the world.

Scorpios make amazing surgeons, pathologists, financial advisors, auditors, police officers, criminal investigators, event planners, real estate agents, and soldiers.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius is the 9th zodiac sign and is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Sagittarius people are very quick-witted and possess a great sense of humor. They love thinking about anything and everything. They have a very philosophical approach towards life.


They are fearless. They do not hesitate to give their brutally honest opinions and that’s because they love to express themselves. They aren’t scared of criticism, which indicates that they have good self-confidence. Despite all these, they manage to make good friends and have a positive friend circle.

A Sagittarius can be seen working as a publisher, anthropologist, pharmacist, professor, pilot, sportsperson, private investigator, accountant, and human resource manager.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorns are among the most ambitious people on this planet. As much as they love competition, they equally love winning. They take opportunities very seriously and wouldn’t dare to miss them. They dedicate this success to their managerial skills which are top-notch. They can even do mundane tasks with a lot of interest.


Since they put the whole of their heart into such things, they get very disappointed when things don’t work out in their favor. Their workaholic nature can infuse negativity and dissatisfaction in their life. However, they know how to jump back and perform better.

The best careers for your zodiac sign, Capricorns would be bankers, producers, administrators, lawyers, programmers, agriculturists, engineers, business owners and stockbrokers.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius people are an intelligent lot. They are known for giving the best pieces of advice. They make the best problem solvers. They are very clever, ingenious and artistic. You will always find an Aquarius expressing themselves through a piece of art or writing.


Their thoughts are very progressive and people may find them too dreamy. But they are indifferent about what others think of them. They are always on either extreme, if they like something they will talk a lot about it and if they do not like something, they will be least bothered. People may say that they seem detached from the world around them and are as egoistic but that might not always be true.

An Aquarius will excel as a physician, astronomer, scientist, pilot, cabin crew, astrologer, photographer, entrepreneur, singer and songwriter.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

The last zodiac sign Pisces knows how to impress someone without trying too hard. They have that charm quotient factor. Also, they like others and can go to any extreme for that. They are kind, well-spoken and know how to uplift others.


If you are with a Pisces, you can trust them blindly because they value emotions. But if you do them wrong, they will hold a grudge against you forever. They enjoy being a laid-back person, also they also want to be successful. But they find it difficult to get out of their comfort zones and work for that success. Pisceans can be delusional too at certain times and that’s just because they are empathetic and want others to be the same.

A Pisces can look forward to becoming a physical therapist, veterinarian, biologist, journalist, spiritual guide, animator, pharmacist, plastic surgeon, social worker and painter.

Interesting Facts about Your Zodiac Sign

  1. Sagittarians are most likely to achieve fame early in their life, according to a research conducted by Cartoon Network.
  2. Taurus, Gemini and Libra constitute the majority of billionaires.
  3. Aries is observed to be the nerdiest zodiac sign.
  4. The most common signs among world leaders were Scorpio, Leo and Sagittarius.
  5. Aquarians have the natural tendency to become philanthropists.
  6. South Florida Astrologer reported that most of the athletes throughout time have been Aquarians.
  7. Most successful models belong to either Sagittarius, Libra or Cancer sign.

Well, this was just a fun and generalized guide to help you choose a career path. This is not some sort of rigid rulebook that you have to abide by from the ones that are mentioned here as careers for your zodiac sign. You know what you enjoy doing and where your interest lies, and that is what you should make a career out of.

However, I absolutely loved researching on the best careers for your zodiac sign and putting it up together as this article. I hope that you like it too. I would love to hear if you are interested in or are unknowingly working for the job that is mentioned here. Do these zodiac sign characteristics hold true for you? Put it down in the comments below.

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