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Discover the top 15 easy careers to get into with basic education and minimum experience. From freelancing to full-time, we have listed well-paying jobs!

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Hello there! Choosing a career is something we dream of since we are young. Some of us dream of turning our passions into a stable career and others choose a career according to their educational qualifications. But the whole purpose of choosing one’s career is financial stability. Of course, this is the primary reason to choose a career. But sometimes we end up in a workplace that we don’t really like. Or even struggle for the initial break, too. After graduation, a few of us can’t find a job and that itself can demotivate us from thinking further.

However, if you’re wondering if there are any other alternatives to getting a job, well, there are. Just like you students, I used to wonder if I will make it big in my respective field. Back then, I had no idea that our career really doesn’t rely upon our educational qualification. I was an Engineer and I highly doubted my potential of being one. Firstly, I was not interested and secondly, when I got the job, it was too monotonous and boring.

After much thinking, I realized creating content was my cup of tea. And here I’m successfully building a career, which has got nothing to do with Engineering. I didn’t study to become a content writer or got a degree per se, but I tried to improve my skills over the years.

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Easy Careers to Get Into | High Paying Jobs You Can Learn & Earn

One doesn’t need to really need a degree or take any conventional path to choose a career. We have rounded off 15 easy careers to get into without graduating and wherein you can make decent money, too. Now, these careers can also be pursued as your side hustle while you’re studying or when you’re on a full-time job. You also have the liberty to work full time for someone or choose to be a freelancer.

Gone are the days when Engineering, Medicine or CA were considered to be potential careers. Today, we have a lot of options to choose from. With the advent of the internet, we are spoilt for choices. We can learn and earn at the same time.

Top Easy Careers to Get into

We have created a list of easy careers to get into that don’t require much effort. All you need is passion for the field. You may not start earning really well in the initial months, but if you invest time, I’m sure you will eventually be able to build a stable career life.

The main benefits of these careers are that you get to choose –

1) Who you work for
2)  Your income
3) Work from where you wish to (freelance or work full-time)

Now let’s check out the top 15 easy careers to get into –

1. Content Writer

The first option in easy careers to get into is as a content writer. Now, content writing is one of the most sought after careers. All you need to have is a flair for writing. You don’t have to be a literature grad or use heavy words to be a content writer.

Content writing is the process of researching, planning, writing and editing web content, typically for digital marketing purposes. A few years back content writing was not considered to be a mainstream career. But over the years, content writing has become an important medium to present information online.

From ad copies to website content to blog posts, a content writer has various opportunities to write online. Apart from digital content, a content writer is hired for writing video scripts, keynote speeches, and paper research, too. With experience, you can also work as a copywriter or editor.

You need to have basic writing skills in English. You don’t have to be artistic in your writing, as research and simple writing is also appreciated as a content writer. Your grammar skills need to be above average and have a good hang of conversational writing.

What You Need?

– Creativity
– Attention to detail
– Research skills
– Passion for writing

A basic degree in any field will help you to get a job. You can also freelance as you can work with more clients. As a fresher, your remuneration will be around ₹25,000 – 30,000. But if it’s an international client, it can go up to ₹50,000. Over time, you can earn more as an experienced writer.

The competition is high in the field of content writing. However, the job market is also quite big, as most companies, organizations and even individual bloggers/ service providers are looking out for writers. But you can stand out by creating unique brand awareness and networking. Create a portfolio, be active on online groups, share your views, answer other’s queries on quora or any Facebook groups.

2. Virtual Assistant


A virtual assistant is an independent self-employed professional who works outside of the client’s office. The responsibilities include admin tasks like planning the day, creating a calendar, maintaining social media, replying to e-mails, making phone calls. It’s a typical assistant’s job that needs to be done remotely. Also, you can work for multiple clients and choose the number of hours you work according to the client’s requirements.

There is no hard-and-fast rule for your educational qualifications. You need to be a graduate or have completed your schooling. If you provide services like social media management, digital marketing, blog posting, it’s an added advantage.

Virtual assistant is one the really easy careers to get into. The competition for virtual assistants is heating up as remote working is on the rise. So, you need to network a lot, connect with the right people on LinkedIn, list out your services and create a portfolio. You can earn around ₹250-500  per hour as a beginner and up to ₹1000-2000 per hour as an expert.

3. Digital Marketing

The next on our list for easy careers to get into is digital marketing. Marketing, on the whole, has changed in past few decades. With the advent of the internet, everything is digital now. Digital marketing is the main umbrella and the services under it are website creation and designing, content writing, SEO, social media management, Instagram marketing, sales funnel building, Facebook ads and so on.

Although it’s one of the easy careers to get into, you need to be passionate about marketing. You can learn the skills under digital marketing by implementing strategies via researching and analyzing. You can even do courses online but since this field requires a lot of implementation, I would suggest to start off and try to learn through free courses available online.

As a digital marketer, you can earn up to ₹50,000-70,000 per project and can go up to ₹2 – 3 lakhs as an expert. Along with the digital skills, creativity, a basic understanding of brand-building and marketing concepts are very advantageous to start with.

4. Consultant

A consultant is an advanced level career opportunity. You can choose to be a consultant once you have experience of 2-3 years in a particular field. Basically, a consultant’s job is to provide expert advice in an industry. They help improve the business performance with respect to operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy.

You can charge anywhere between ₹20,000-40000 as a beginner. And you can earn lakhs on a per hour basis as an experienced consultant. The pay is high because you will be spending time gathering data and insights through research, surveys, interviews, and pitching solutions to the clients. This would take weeks or years together for the organizations to complete. You need to be a graduate with experience of a few years to begin as a consultant.

5. Online Tutor

Tutoring is one of the best and easy careers to get into. With the exponential increase in internet peneteration, you can literally tutor students right from your home. You can work as a part-time or full-time online tutor. If you’re an expert in any subject, then you can start off immediately.

You can sign up on any online tutoring websites and start tutoring. You need to have a flair for speaking. This is easy as it’s behind the screen compared to live audience. You will improve as time passes. The best part is you can start off while you’re a student itself. You can tutor people on how to speak English, mathematics and more. You can also teach extra-curricular skills like debate, calligraphy, etc.

Typically, an online tutor can earn around ₹15,000 as a fresher and ₹30,000 as an experienced tutor. You need to have basic educational qualifications and have the expertise in the particular field you’re teaching.

6. Video Editor


Videos are the future of marketing. If you love spending time watching videos on YouTube and are familiar with editing software like Photoshop or Adobe Premiere, then you should try video editing. You can learn video editing online by yourself by watching YouTube videos. Or you can spend a minimum amount for courses on sites like Udemy or Coursera.

Businesses need video editors to edit videos for their YouTube channels and other marketing purposes. Video editing is one of the easy careers to get into and is also a skill that is in high demand. You can earn up to ₹2000-3000 per hour and can go up to ₹10000 as an expert.

7. Set Up an Online Store

E-commerce stores are on a rise. You can set up your own online store if you’re good at creating things. From Amazon to Flipkart to Shopify, there are many online market places where you can set up your business.

For setting up a store, you need some initial investment. But you need to also promote a lot on your social media platforms so that it reaches people. If your product becomes popular, then you can earn really well.

8. YouTuber


We live in a generation where new careers are at the peak. Gone are the days, when people would prefer being an engineer or a doctor. Today, a YouTuber is considered to be a mainstream career. Also, YouTube is an essential platform for many businesses.

As a YouTuber, you will be on your own creating a unique brand. You need to recognize your expertise and create, edit and upload the videos on YouTube. Whether it’s fashion, makeup, skincare, movies, cooking or even just simple personal life updates, YouTube is the place. All you need is to have a flair to speak in front of the camera. Initially, you may not earn anything at all, especially the first year.

But once you reach 1000 subscribers, you can monetize your channel and even approach brands for collaborations. You can earn ad revenue from YouTube as your subscribers increase and also charge the brands you work with. You can earn around ₹10000 to lakhs per month with additional payments.

9. Web Developer/ Designer

Web developers build and design websites. They are responsible for the technical aspects and the appearance of the site. They take care of both front end and back end operations. If you’re good at coding, then you should definitely try web designing. You can take up some courses online, too, and learn web development if you love coding and technology.

Web designing/ developing is one of the easy careers to get into because every business needs a website today. If you can build the dream website that the client is envisioning, then nothing like it. You can earn around ₹40,000 in a full-time job and you can charge around ₹20,000 as a freelancer as a beginner.

You can start off while you’re in the university as a freelancer as web designing doesn’t require any educational qualification as such. With experience, you can even specialize into services like UI/UX or server management.

10. Graphic Designer


If you’re artistic and are familiar with Photoshop, Corel Draw and Illustrator, you can start off as a graphic designer. Graphic designers are in high demand as the social media market is booming and every brand needs to create artistic views for the digital platforms for their business.

A graphic designer is responsible for creating visually appealing graphics for online and offline media.

11. Home Baker

If you love baking, then turn your passion into a profitable business. Home baking is not only one of the easy careers to get into but also a fun job to pursue. You don’t need a professional degree to set up your own venture. Today people love homemade stuff and are looking for food that is hygienic and safe to consume. Also, customized cakes are high in demand. From birthdays to weddings to celebratory occasions, you will have many opportunities.

You need to market yourself well on social media by sharing your work continuously. Also, networking and word of mouth helps. Try to create offers during festive seasons like book a cake for Christmas by this date for ‘X’ percentage discount. You can earn somewhere around ₹50,000 to ₹1 lakh if you cater every day.

With Instagram, the competition is very high. Try to have a unique style to stand out like offering healthier versions of cakes, diabetes-friendly and so on. You can even conduct baking classes as an expert.

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12. Social Media Manager

Social media manager is one of the easy careers to get into as most of us spend our time scrolling through our phones endlessly. The social media platforms enable businesses to amplify their sales. Maintaining social media accounts, strategizing and running campaigns on social media are the main tasks as a social media manager. If you love social media, then you can start off as a social media executive.

As a fresher, you will earn around ₹25000-30000 and can reach around ₹1 lakh as an expert. You need to be a graduate to work for an organization. But as a freelancer, you can start off anytime and charge on an hourly or per-project basis.

13. Aesthetician

An aesthetician performs treatments that make the skin look younger. From eliminating blemishes on the skin to fading the scars away, an aesthetician performs cleansing, applying chemical peels and laser treatments to eliminate hair.

Most aestheticians work in salons, spas and with doctors. They are responsible for giving a complete makeover to administrating dermatological treatments. They also help their clients learn about skincare and makeup. Some of them even take up the responsibility of front desk and admin work like maintaining file work, etc.

You need to complete training to become an aesthetician and your training should be approved and licensed by the state. You may earn ₹25000-30000 as a fresher and ₹70000 as an expert. Try freelancing, too, for hourly based pay.

14. Spa Manager

The next job on our list for easy careers to get into is spa manager. Spa managers take care of all aspects of operations. From beauty to wellness to managing staff, they are the one-point contact for the daily workers and the customers. They also create marketing and promotional campaigns.

Spa managers can work in hotels, resorts and individual spa outlets. To start off as a spa manager, you need to be qualified with at least a bachelor’s degree in business management, hospitality management, or an MBA. A piece of thorough knowledge in the field of cosmetology or health and wellness is helpful. As a fresher, you can earn from ₹30000-40000 and can go up to ₹70000-1 lakh as experienced.

15. Retail Assistant


Well, we have reached the end of our list for easy careers to get into. A retail assistant works in retail outlets and helps the brand to maximize sales. The responsibilities include maintaining a visually appealing store with merchandising standards, involve in shipping the products, look into customers’ needs and wants and so on.

You need to have basic administrative skills, a bachelor’s degree in any field, especially retail management or marketing and a focus on customer service. As a fresher, you will earn around ₹20000-30000 and can go up to ₹1 lakh after an experience of 5 years.

These were a few easy careers to get into. Need more options? Here are some more –

–  Makeup Artist
– Image Editor/ Retouch-up Artist
– Data Entry Executive
– Essay Proofreader/ Paper Evaluator
– Digital Photographer

You need to be consistent and try out a few things to understand which career interests you the most. Whether you’re a fresher or experienced professional who wants to start afresh, there’s no age or time limit to pursue your passion. With planning and hard work, you can reach new heights.

What is your expertise? Which career are you planning to choose? Let us know!

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