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Sahana is a Senior Staff Writer at Shilpa Ahuja Digital Media. Experience in lifestyle writing, Sahana's work mainly involves fashion, career advice and wellness. Having pursued yoga for 6 years now, she’s not a gym person at all but is all for “running in the park” and is an amateur cyclist. Books and coffee are her other passions. She’s also an amateur photographer. She’s a hardcore Bollywood fan and she loves to cover the nostalgic topics on the same. Prior to her experience writing for, Sahana worked as a freelance author for online magazine, Mashup Corner, and interned at EventsHigh as a content writer. She also has voiced her opinions about feminism and equal rights for men and women at PolkaCafe journals and after quitting her job, she decided to take up writing as her full time career. Originally from Bangalore, Sahana is an engineering graduate and has worked in an MNC, Tesco, for more than a year as an Operations Support. But she quit the monotonous 9 to 5 job to pursue a career in the fashion media industry. For any queries and discussions, contact her at [email protected] You can also tweet her at @sahana_17.

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