Exams Over Quotes and Captions

Find witty, relatable Exams Over quotes and captions to celebrate the end of your exams and start your chill time.

Welcome to our library of exams over quotes and captions, the zone for every student who’s just slayed their exam season! I feel you and I’m sure you are exhausted, so relax as we have got your social media post exams post sorted.

Whether you’re the class clown or the quiet genius, we’ve got the perfect mix of quotes and captions to match your post-exam mood. Dive into our collection that’s as fresh as your newfound freedom. From hilarious one-liners that’ll make your classmates LOL to slick captions that are Insta-worthy, we’ve covered it all.

Also check out our rhyming statuses that are cooler than a cucumber. Need a bit of sass? Our sarcastic quips have got your back. And for those in the ‘vacay’ state of mind, our vacation quotes will transport you from the exam hall to the beach in no time. So, let’s turn the page from study guides to guide your next epic social media post!”

Funny Exam Over Quotes

Chuckle your post-exam blues away with quotes that’ll make your textbooks jealous of the laughs.

  1. Finally done with exams! My brain has left the chat.
  2. Just finished the test and I feel like a wizard who’s used up all his magic. Poof!
  3. Exams are over, and my brain’s officially on do not disturb mode.
  4. That moment when you finish your exam and feel like you’ve just survived a season finale of your least favorite show.
  5. Exams done! Time to forget everything I learned in 3…2…1… What was the subject again?
  6. I walked out of the exam like a boss. Now, if only I answered like one.
  7. Done with exams! If only my favorite YouTuber could’ve taught all my subjects.
  8. Exams over! Can’t wait to binge-watch everything I missed and forget all the math formulas.
  9. I’ve seen less drama in reality TV shows than in that exam room.
  10. Exams done, and now my biggest decision is what snack to celebrate with.
  11. Just finished my exams, and I’ve never been more ready to do absolutely nothing.
  12. Survived my exams! Waiting for my brain to reboot… any moment now.
  13. Exams are over! Time to rejoin society and remember how to socialize.
  14. That awkward moment when you finish your exam and suddenly remember all the right answers.
  15. Exams done! If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my room pretending that last week didn’t happen.

Finally Exams Are Over Quotes

Breathe out that relief with words that say ‘bye felicia’ to finals and ‘hello’ to chill vibes.

  1. Exam’s done, brain’s gone, let’s chill!
  2. Out of exam mode, into beast mode!
  3. Finished exams – my brain has officially left the building.
  4. Exams over, freedom mode activated!
  5. No more exams? That’s what’s up!
  6. Survived exams – ready for my next adventure!
  7. Exams are history, now for some mystery!
  8. Exams done – it’s time for real fun!
  9. Nailed it (I hope)! Exams, goodbye!
  10. Exams out, game console in!
  11. Just beat the final boss – exams!
  12. Exams are over, party mode on!
  13. Bye exams, hello real life!
  14. Exams done, now life’s the subject!
  15. Finished exams: Achievement Unlocked!

Short Exam Over Quotes

Quick quips to drop the mic on exam season. Short, sweet, and oh-so-relieving!

  1. Exams done, freedom won!
  2. Goodbye exams, hello memes!
  3. Exams out, sleep mode in.
  4. Finished exams, time to vibe!
  5. Exams over, party time!
  6. Brain off, Netflix on!
  7. Survived exams – feeling epic!
  8. Exams? Completed it, mate!
  9. Freedom tastes better post-exams.
  10. Exams done, fun begun!
  11. No more tests, only Zzzs.
  12. Exams over, stress buster activated!
  13. Just aced reality’s boss level.
  14. Exams left in the dust.
  15. No more exams? That’s lit!
celebrating the end of exams in a classroom

Exam Over Quotes for Students

From the cramming chaos to the silence after, these quotes are your new post-exam anthem.

  1. Exams done! Time to rediscover what sleep actually feels like.
  2. Exams over! Can someone remind me how to have a social life?
  3. Survived exams – now accepting invites for anything that doesn’t involve textbooks.
  4. Exams are over, and my brain’s officially off duty.
  5. Just finished exams, now the real challenge: doing laundry.
  6. Exams conquered – ready for my next big adventure: Netflix marathons.
  7. Closed my textbooks, opened a new chapter: relaxation.
  8. Exams done, let the coffee detox begin!
  9. Finished exams! Life’s default setting: Chill Mode.
  10. Done with exams, time to get lost in music, not lectures.
  11. Exams over, now entering the ‘what is sleep?’ phase.
  12. Exams finished! My brain’s on a well-deserved vacation.
  13. Exams out, takeout in. Celebratory pizza, anyone?
  14. Goodbye exams, hello life (and my neglected hobbies)!
  15. Just ended exams, unlocking the next level: Holiday Mode.

Exam Over Quotes for Instagram

Snap back to fun with captions that’ll get double-taps faster than you forgot formulas.

  1. Exams over! Feeling like I just dropped the hottest mixtape of the year. #FreedomMelody
  2. Wave goodbye to exams, hello to endless TikTok scrolling. #NoMoreTests
  3. Just traded my textbooks for a controller. Game on! #ExamsDone
  4. Exams? Completed it, mate. Now, where’s my pizza? #VictoryMeal
  5. Survived exams! Time to catch up on all the memes I missed. #MemeLife
  6. Exams out, chill mode activated. Netflix, here I come! #Chillaxing
  7. Closed my books, opened up possibilities. #ExamsOver #NewAdventures
  8. Exams done, now entering sleep recovery mode. #SnoozeFest
  9. Finished exams! Can finally remember what day it is. #LostTrack
  10. Goodbye exams, hello real life (and my neglected hobbies)! #LifeResumes
  11. Exams are over, and my brain is on a well-deserved vacation. #Braincation
  12. Just aced my exams! Feeling like a superhero sans cape. #SuperStudent
  13. Exams left in the dust, time for some stardust. #DreamModeOn
  14. Freedom from exams feels like winning an Oscar. #AndTheAwardGoesToMe
  15. Exams? Nailed it. Now, let’s make some epic summer plans!  #SummerVibes
Freedom from exams

Rhyming Exam Finished Status

Rhyme your way from the exam hall to freedom calls with these catchy statuses.

  1. Exams are done, it’s time for fun, let the good times run!
  2. Test stress less, now in success, no more guess, just chill finesse.
  3. Books closed, exams deposed, chill mode proposed.
  4. Done with the test, now I’m the best, time for a zest fest.
  5. No more cram, thank you ma’am, now it’s time to jam!
  6. Exams out the gate, feeling great, now let’s celebrate!
  7. Finished the quiz, I’m a whiz, now I’m in the chill biz.
  8. Papers down, time to clown, in chill town.
  9. Test phase passed, free at last, fun forecast!
  10. Final bell’s rung, exams are flung, freedom song sung!
  11. Exams done, hit a home run, now for fun in the sun.
  12. Test load off, time to scoff, and doff off.
  13. Goodbye tests, hello zest, now I’m on a quest for rest.
  14. Quizzer no more, chill score galore, boredom out the door.
  15. Exams in the rear view, now I cheer, woo! Fun debut.

Exam Over Captions

Frame your freedom from finals with captions that celebrate the end of the test fest.

  1. Exams over! Time to switch from ‘study mode’ to ‘lazy mode’!
  2. Just finished exams! My brain’s officially on vacation now.
  3. Survived the exams! Ready for some serious Netflix binge.
  4. Exams done, now it’s all fun and games.
  5. Goodbye exams, hello real world!
  6. Exams out, sleep in. Finally, some rest!
  7. Done with tests, now it’s time for some Netflix fests.
  8. Exams over, party mode: ON!
  9. Finished exams, now back to being a social media star.
  10. Exams done. Can I remember how to socialize now?
  11. No more exams, just good vibes and chill times.
  12. Tests are over, freedom feels sweeter than ever!
  13. Exams completed, time to get my game on!
  14. Just freed myself from the exam dungeon!
  15. Exams over! Brain’s off, fun’s on!

Final Exam Vacation Quotes

Say adios to exams and hello to sun-soaked days with quotes that scream vacation mode.

  1. Exams over, now it’s all beach vibes and good times.
  2. Just swapped my textbooks for a hammock – vacation mode activated.
  3. Finals done, sun’s out, fun’s out – beach, here I come!
  4. Exam stress undressed, now dressed for holiday success.
  5. Done with exams, time to swap pens for fins – hello, ocean!
  6. Exams out, flip-flops in – it’s vacay time!
  7. Goodbye exams, hello sandy beaches and sunny skies.
  8. Exams are history, now it’s just me and the sea.
  9. School’s out, waves in – surfin’ my way to freedom.
  10. From final tests to tropical rests – vacation calling!
  11. Exams left behind, now it’s beach time on my mind.
  12. Finished exams, now diving into vacation vibes.
  13. Swapped studying for sunbathing – vacation mode is on!
  14. Exams done, now soaking up the sun.
  15. Homework’s over, now it’s all about beachcombing.

Funny Final Exam Vacation Quotes

Get your giggle on with vacation quotes that are more refreshing than a post-exam nap.

  1. Exams done, now trading pencils for pool noodles.
  2. Finals finished, now practicing my professional napping skills.
  3. Swapped my textbooks for a beach towel – best trade ever!
  4. Exams are out, and so am I – catch you at the beach!
  5. Done with exams, now my only problem is tan lines.
  6. Homework’s history, now it’s all about that hammock life.
  7. From essay stress to beachy bliss in no time flat.
  8. Exams over, now entering a no-alarm-clock zone.
  9. Closed my books, opened my travel diary – vacay mode is on!
  10. Goodbye exams, hello endless snack time and sunshine.
  11. Finals conquered, now conquering the nearest snack bar.
  12. Just aced my exams, now diving into vacation mode.
  13. Exams left in the dust, now chasing sunsets.
  14. Finished finals, now my only plan is no plan.
  15. Said bye to my calculator, now saying hi to adventure!

Final Exam Vacation Puns for Students

Puns so good, you’ll forget the exam stress and start the beach press.

  1. Beach better have my sunny!
  2. Exams over, now I’m a certified chillologist.
  3. Swapped my grades for shades – summer mode on!
  4. History exams done, now making history on vacation!
  5. From stressed to beach-blessed in no time.
  6. Exams out, surfin’ in – catch waves, not grades.
  7. Finished exams, now my GPA stands for ‘Great Pool Adventure’.
  8. Gone from all-nighters to all righters at the beach.
  9. Math’s over, now life’s as easy as pi(e) on the beach.
  10. Biology exam done, now observing beach life in its natural habitat.
  11. Exams ended, beach attendance extended.
  12. Finals conquered, now beach bumming like a pro.
  13. Swapped my essay crises for high tides and good vibes.
  14. Closed my books, now opening new paths to the beach.
  15. Exams are past, now it’s sea and sun at last.
goodbye exams hello real world

Rhyming Final Exam Vacation Quotes for Instagram

Turn your vacation mode on and exams off with rhymes that deserve a mic drop.

  1. Exams are over, ready to discover, vacation’s cover.
  2. Finals done, now for sun and fun, won’t be outdone.
  3. Exams in the past, vacation vibes to last, having a blast.
  4. Wave exams goodbye, under the vacation sky, flying high.
  5. From the test room, to the beach’s bloom, goodbye gloom.
  6. Books down, heading to fun town, wearing my crown.
  7. Closed my notes, ready for boat floats, no more rote.
  8. Studying’s ceased, now I’m beach beast, a relaxation feast.
  9. Done with the grades, now for sunshades, in beachside arcades.
  10. Exams no more, sandy shores in store, fun galore.
  11. Goodbye, class halls, hello, beach balls, summer calls.
  12. Left exams in my wake, vacation’s cake, mine to take.
  13. No more exam fights, just starry vacation nights, and delight sights.
  14. Exams out of sight, vacation’s delight, shining bright.
  15. Test stress is done, now it’s all sun, vacation won.

Sarcastic Exam Over Quotes

Sarcastically celebrate the end of your exam saga with a snarky nod to freedom.

  1. Exams done. Can’t wait to forget everything I ‘learned’ tomorrow.
  2. Just finished exams. Now I know nothing with confidence.
  3. Survived exams! What was I doing again?
  4. Exams over. Brain has officially left the chat.
  5. Goodbye exams, hello remembering how to be a person.
  6. Finished exams. Now to address my neglected social life.
  7. Exams done. Time to relearn normal sleeping hours.
  8. Exams out. Can I start being fun again?
  9. Done with exams, back to being an amateur Netflix critic.
  10. Exams are over. Suddenly, the world seems brighter.
  11. Survived exams, now to survive real life. Easy, right?
  12. Exams finished. Ready to pretend to have a life again.
  13. Exams over. My brain is now in recovery mode.
  14. Just aced my exams. Now, what’s my name again?

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