Survival Skills for the Real World Quiz for Students (+ Guide)

How ready are you for the real world? Test your survival skills and knowledge of everyday challenges IRL with our quiz!

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Hey everyone! We know that life can often feel like all fun and games (and a bit of trouble) in school and college, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows after you graduate.

The real world is mean, grueling and sometimes just confusing. While the prospect of graduation comes with living independently and an infinite amount of partying without needing rules and permissions, it’s sometimes challenging. But don’t let that stop you from being excited about all that independence and creating your own rules! “Cause I’m here to help you with the other confusing and dull stuff!

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself facing challenges that you didn’t quite anticipate. It’s in those moments that having some real-world survival skills up your sleeve can make all the difference.

That’s why we’ve cooked up something special just for you. Welcome to our “Survival Skills for the Real World” quiz, which is actually your fun ultimate guide to mastering those crucial life skills that’ll help you thrive no matter what life throws your way.

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But wait, before you start picturing yourself in a jungle, fashioning spears out of sticks (although that does sound kind of cool, and may happen), let’s clarify what I mean by “survival skills.” We’re not talking about fending off wild beasts or navigating treacherous terrains (unless you’re planning to be a wildlife photographer, in which case, go you!). I’m talking about those everyday skills that’ll help you adult like a pro.

Think budgeting without blowing your entire allowance on the latest video game, whipping up a tasty meal that doesn’t involve just pushing buttons on the microwave, or even handling unexpected situations like a boss. These are the skills that’ll turn you into the superhero of your own life story.

Survival Skills for the Real World Quiz (with Answers)

So, are you ready for this quiz and discover which real-world survival skills you’ve already mastered and which ones might need a bit of work? Whether you’re a culinary genius in the making or a budgeting prodigy in the waiting, we’re gonna cover it all.

No pressure here. This quiz is all about fun, self-discovery, and picking up some handy tips along the way. Now, without further ado, let’s jump into the quiz and start discovering your real-world survival talents.

Survival Skills for after Graduation

After you’ve taken the below quiz, come back to this section. It’s time to actually begin acquiring those real world skills. Don’t know where to start? I’ve already done the homework for you. Based on my personal experiences, I’ve created this little guide which can be your first step towards adulting!

Remember, the following tips are just theory. The best way to start your adventure is to actually get a taste of adulthood, by living or traveling alone. Try to take the weekend off to travel alone, or go live in another city for an internship.

Life isn’t just about surviving; it’s about thriving in the wild world of adulthood. That’s what makes it fun! These tips will help you level up your real-world survival game as you step into the exciting world beyond graduation!

1. Time Management Boss

Juggling your jam-packed schedule like Hermione Granger with a time-turner.

Yes, when mom’s not around to nag you, one of the first things to go is schedule! And I learned this the hard way – by missing meetings and being late even for my Harvard students orientation. So the first thing you’ll need is a real alarm clock. Yes, the old-school one that you actually have to get up to shut down! And of course, some self-discipline to not drink or binge-watch too much the night before.

2. Budgeting Wizardry

Managing your finances like a pro, even when your wallet is whispering “buy that pizza.”

Adulting is full of those tempting spending sprees call your name, be it luxurious desserts, drinks with friends, beautiful shoes or even expensive dining-ware. And I’ve been down that road – learning the value of budgeting the hard way with unexpected bills. Either go for a solid budgeting app or an old-school notebook to just total your monthly expenses – just so you know what the amount looks like (it WILL surprise you). So set spending limits, and even timely reminders.

Also: Exercise self-control. Tell a friend to warn you about impulse purchases, and remember, financial discipline today leads to financial freedom tomorrow.

3. Cooking Confidence

Turning simple ingredients into culinary masterpieces that would make Gordon Ramsay nod in approval.

Maybe you already like a bit of cooking, or maybe you currently think an oven is just a fancy microwave! We’ve all been there, ordering takeout more often than not. But fortunately or unfortunately, living alone is equal parts having food without restrictions and also staying healthy. And what means, you’ll need to whip up delicious meals right at home.

Trust me, anyone who knows how to cook tasty meals will stay healthy while saving up tons of money. YouTube cooking tutorials are your best friend! Before you know it, you’ll be criticising your mom’s cooking (she will, I mean WILL NOT, be happy!).

But remember that cooking is not just about making tasty meals or unhealthy food right from your dorm kitchen. It’s also about being safe. So make sure to handle your fire properly, and NEVER forget a mitten when touching the oven tray, or a hot pot (I burned a finger today. Yes, I’m almost 40. Laugh at me.).

4. Laundry Ninja

Successfully separating whites from colors and defeating the dreaded red sock monster.

Mastering the laundry maze and actually making your clothes survive is important! Laundry can be a wild adventure of its own, especially when colors bleed and whites turn pink. Fear not, it’s simple.

Be sure to hand-launder expensive or delicate clothing. If you have a new piece of clothing that’s colored, wash it separately. Set Sunday as your laundry day, and remember to separate whites, colors, and darks. You can also invest in color-catching laundry sheets. Oh, and don’t forget to sort and fold immediately to avoid piles of wrinkly clothes!

5. Home Repairs DIY Dynamo

Fixing a leaky faucet without turning your bathroom into a swimming pool.

Oh god, those repairs are still dreaded by me! Best is to just embrace your inner handyman (or handywoman) and tackle household fixes head-on! Leaky faucet? Don’t call the plumber just yet. With a basic toolkit and a pinch of DIY spirit, you can conquer minor repairs like a pro. Remember, YouTube tutorials are your secret weapon.

6. Navigating Public Transport

Mastering the art of buses, trains, and subways without ending up in the wrong zip code.

Public transport might seem like a labyrinth at first, but you’ll navigate it like a pro in no time. Download transit apps to check bus timings, familiarize yourself with routes, and get a metrocard. But first check Google Maps as it shows most of it there! Plus you’ll end up discovering those hidden gems like art shops, furniture shops & of course, cafes!

7. Healthy Living Guru

Balancing the late-night snacks with a dose of veggies and some good ol’ exercise.

Striking a harmonious chord between midnight snacks and a healthy lifestyle is key to adulting! Late-night cravings are a universal challenge, but with a little discipline, you can find the perfect balance. The key is to NOT stock up on unhealthy snacks and drinks. Instead, have a fridge full of veggies so you’ll have to cook them (you can easily throw them in the oven with some olive oil, garlic and salt). Oh, and add your favourite exercise into your routine – Zumba, jogging, gym, yoga, whatever you love!

8. Networking Whiz

Building connections without resorting to awkward small talk or becoming a human business card dispenser.

OMG the dreaded networking. Especially if you’re an introvert, it can be plain awful at first! Mastering the art of networking without the cringe-worthy small talk is however, really important, especially for career-building and growing.

First thing: don’t dread it. Networking can be a breeze when you focus on genuine conversations and shared interests. Don’t be that person who thrusts business cards upon others. Instead, attend events with an open mind, ask questions, and listen actively.

9. Adaptability Ace

Rolling with life’s punches and acing the art of Plan B (and C, and D).

Becoming the captain of change, even when life throws you curveballs! In the game of life, adaptability is your superpower. Embrace Plan B (and even Plan C and D) with grace and resilience. Remember, flexibility is your ticket to navigating the twists and turns of life’s adventure. Soon, you’ll be the adaptability ace, ready for any plot twist! #AdaptabilitySkills

10. Online Privacy Pro

Protecting your personal info (and money) from internet trolls and data-hungry corporations.

Guarding your online fortress against trolls and data predators! I know you think you’re the tech generation and this is useless talk. But don’t forget, the hackers, scammers and bad people are techies too.

In today’s digital age, online privacy is paramount, and I’ve seen more than two major money scams happen right to my family members. Activate two-factor authentication, review app permissions, and be cautious about sharing personal information. With a few digital-savvy moves, you’ll be an online privacy pro, ensuring your data stays in safe hands!

11. Mental Health Mindfulness

Navigating the ups and downs of life with a toolkit of stress-busting strategies.

Mental well-being is just as important as earning money or getting good grades. So be equipped with stress-busting strategies! Life’s rollercoaster can be a wild ride, but with mindfulness, you’ll navigate it smoothly. Prioritize self-care routines, like meditation and yoga, and build your mental resilience toolkit. Learn to handle criticism, unpleasant people and low periods. Learn to love yourself and your body. Soon, you’ll be the master of navigating life’s ups and downs with a calm and centered spirit!

Survival Skills for the Real-World Quiz Here

What's the recommended temperature for storing perishable food in the refrigerator?
32°F (0°C)
40°F (4°C) or below
50°F (10°C)
60°F (16°C)



What is an essential safety measure to take when using a fire extinguisher?

Aim it at the base of the fire
Spray it in all directions
Shake it vigorously before using
Point it upward and spray



What's the best way to clean a glass stovetop without damaging it?
Scrub vigorously with a steel wool pad
Use a glass stovetop cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth
Pour boiling water to remove stains
Sprinkle salt and rub with a lemon



What's the recommended minimum amount of physical activity per week for adults, according to health guidelines?
15 minutes
30 minutes
2 hours
7 hours



To prevent wrinkled clothes, what should you do when taking clothes out of the dryer?
Immediately fold or hang them
Let them sit in a pile for a while
Spray them with water and then hang them
Iron them even if they're not wrinkled



What is the recommended percentage of your income to allocate for savings and investments?



What is the purpose of a credit score?

To track your social media activity
To measure your financial health and creditworthiness
To determine your eligibility for a driver's license
To assess your athletic performance



Which of the following is a valuable safety practice when doing laundry with a washing machine?
Overload the machine to save time
Check and empty pockets before washing
Mix different types of clothing together
Pour bleach directly on the clothes





You notice a leaky faucet in your home. What's the first step to address it?

Call a plumber
Ignore it and hope it stops on its own
Turn off the water supply
Install a new faucet



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