Why You Need Social Media for your Career & How to Use it

Social media has gotten to a point where it can make or mar anyone; depending on how you choose to use it. This same place grew from being a place filled with fluff to where opportunities and solutions abound. Many big brands have reached their goals by effectively optimizing their social media platforms. The social space has found its way into both our personal life and business; thus linking both together.


Without gainsaying, building a personal brand online not only essential for modern professional. It has grown to be a component of our various careers. Thesis editing experts discuss why you need social media to build your own personal brand and how to use it for your career.

Why do You Need a Personal Brand?

Personal branding is a professional but straightforward means of representing yourself and what you stand for. For modern professionalism, it is not mere handshakes or big smiles. It is a total of what you have done with your business, what you intend to do with it in the future, what you’re doing presently and much more.

It would help if you had a personal brand because it gives your business (or skill) a voice, a name and an appeal to your audience. When you brand your business, you have one of the most effective tools towards making it a success.

Social Media Amplifies your Brand

The internet, in general, continues to grow at a rate that people may not be able to keep up with. In place of this, social media has become an extension of our personal lives.

To stay relevant, and on top of the game, social media consciousness is inescapable. Every passing day, new windows of opportunities for businesses open. Through social media, you get to connect with people intimately and share your content personally.


How to Use Social Media for your Career

You may ask then, which social media platform should I consider?

  • Try Twitter

Twitter is a social network that allows you to share content and have other users interact with it. It has a host of online influencers that can spread the news about your brand quickly. It doesn’t matter where you are; the news spreads like wildfire. All you need to do? Create your brand and start growing followers by posting relevant content or news in your industry. Share original thoughts and tag the relevant people who may notice and retweet you.

  • LinkedIn

This is a place where business connections are established and utilized. Be sure that your profile is the exact representation of the brand you’re selling and be ready to give something. Nothing goes for nothing, that’s the concept of LinkedIn.

  • SlideShare

These platforms seem underrated; a professor will most likely agree on this. Slideshare is a place where you put the spotlight on yourself because it doesn’t work the other way. It put you up as an expert with a visual representation. Again, you can embed Slideshare presentations on your LinkedIn profile, talk about killing two birds with a stone.

  • Other Social Networks

Other social networks that you must explore are Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and more. These platforms announce your brand when you put in the effort. Pinterest and Instagram are great if your work is more visual, like interior design, fashion or photography. And YouTube is for you if you’re a good speaker and would like to also add an entertainment value in your work.

In Conclusion

When you begin to grow your brand, know that you cannot satisfy everyone. Beware of making insensitive posts and delving into matters that can bring taint to your brand.

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